Overkill – Bloodletting

Overkill – Bloodletting

Blitz and wrecking crew once again fail to disappoint with their latest release “Bloodletting” (Metal-Is / BMG).  Pioneers of thrash, Overkill once again raise the middle finger to trendy bands and unleash a sonic assault of pure aggression.

Straight ahead “Thunderhead” is the lead track immediately informing the listener that stylistically the band has not changed.  Switchblade sharp vocals from Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, grinding guitars from David Linsk, and the solid backbone of D.D. Verni on bass and Tim Mallare on drums . “Death Comes Out To Play” is a wickedly aggressive composition recalling the song “Necroshine”.

”What I’m Missin” is monsterous track with furious riffs, cool time changes and relentless double bass drumming.  The sound and production are outstanding as Overkill does their own production which in turn avoids allowing an outsider to put his interpretation of the band on the CD.  All 10 tracks are written by longtime songwriters  D.D. Verni and Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth.

The best compliment I can pay this release is that it sounds like Overkill.  Fast, heavy, aggressive and full of New York attitude.  No comparisons necessary to any other bands.

Overkill still has the goods to show the younger “heavy bands” what aggressive music with a sense of melody is all about after almost 20 years of releases and relentless touring.