Overkill – Wrecking Everything Live

Overkill - Wrecking Everything Live

Recorded live in Asbury Park NJ, on March 23rd 2002 at the Paramount Theatre, Overkill demonstrates that after 20 years they still have the chops live to contend with any Ozzfest flavor of the month band.  Blitz, DD and company have nothing to prove at this point of their careers.  The albums have been consistent, as the sound has not changed to chase trends.  The 5-piece band sounds impressive on this live release and if there are any studio tricks on here, they would be certainly tough to find as this release is as I remember them in concert.

None of the 13 tracks on this 2002 release repeat the 22 tracks on their live 1998 release (which is a feat in itself and a testament to the strength of the bands catalogue).  More recent tracks include “Long Time Dyin’” from the CD “From the Underground and Below”, “Necroshine” from the same titled release and “Thunderhead” and “Bleed Me” from 2000’s “Bloodletting”.   Classic like “I Hate”, “The Years Of Decay” and “Deny The Cross” are included as well.

The inclusion of “In Union We Stand” back into the live set was a most welcome addition.  Appropriately, the disc closes with the early classic “Overkill” from their debut “Feel The Fire” release (unless you would prefer they close with “F*ck You” which is not included on this disc).