Phenix – Sacred Fire

Phenix – Sacred Fire

As with all Brennus Music releases, originality reigns supreme!  Phenix is no exception with their brand of epic power metal.  “The Endless Quest” and “Journey Through Space” are epic unlike Manowar but have that aura of power behind them.

“The Endless Quest” sounds like a track that easily could have been composed 20 years ago in its galloping, raw wonder.  “Journey Through Space” hints in parts at the legendary Valhalla with its epic rises and falls.  Sebastien Treve and Olivier Garnier exchanges deep, killer riffs that sounds so different than most power metal bands hailing from Europe.  These gentlemen shine brightly on the imstrumental “Submarine Assault” with guitar riffs tuned nice and high.

“A Call From The Sky” harkens back to the debut Leatherwolf CD crossed with early TNT.  “The Other Side” is the true meaning of a power ballad slowly building for over 5 minutes before reaching the heart-felt solo.  Since the word epic has been thrown around here a few times, the closing track “Face My Fate” deserves it the most.  Timing in a little over 9 minutes, the song features time changes from very slow to very fast, killer vocals and solos that mean something thorugh the galloping drum beat.

Bertrand Gramond has a unique vocal delivery in the upper registers that compares to nobody in particular except perhaps Tony Harnell.

Alain at Brennus Music has a keen ear for bands as is shown by the originality displayed by the bands on his label.  Phenix is a large diamond in the rough that deserves your attention and effort to locate.