Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is a 4 piece band hailing from the Los Angeles area. The tracks on their 6 song deuut EP have a good time feel and lack the arrogant attitude of the LA scene from the late 80’s / early 90’s.

Rich Mortlock’s vocals on the opening track Hold On are reminiscent of Kenny Monroe from Tuff Luck. Comparisons can also be drawn to the bands Charlie and Sing Sing respectively in terms of vocals.

Matt deMari guitar solos throughout the CD flow effortlessly and are direct, to the point compositions. Particularly beautiful is deMari’s acoustic and electric fretwork on the ballad “Walk Away”. My personal favorite is “Lady Of The Night”, a dream girl song with a solid rocking back beat.

The 4 part vocal harmony on “Better State Of Mind” reminds me of Journey while “Taken By Love” reminds me of Warrant’s debut CD.

These tracks were initially recorded in 1992 and the strengths of the band can be found especially in the 4 part harmony vocals throughout the CD and the guitar of Matt deMari.