Queen V


From NYC, Queen V is a singer with influences that range from 60’s rock pioneers such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix to the hard-edged vibe of heavy metal and elements of punk. Vocally, Queen V sounds like a potential cross between Lita Ford and especially a rougher Pink. “Die For You” is a straight-ahead no-nonsense rocker that highlights these particular elements as does the early Lita Ford influenced “Extasy”.

Queen V reaches into the Thin Lizzy catalog for a cover of “The Rocker” which fits the band’s gritty attitude extremely well. “Million To One” is another frantic rock track with a certain amount of heavy 70’s guitar feel to it.

Songs like “Six Feet Under”, “Little Woman” and “Memory” are simplistic enough while maintaining their grit to be instantly memorable. This is actually the strongest point of the disc, Queen V’s ability to come up with tough songs that actually stick in your mind after the first listen. This CD will have no problem finding a home in my CD case!

Attitude would be the best word to describe this release. Queen V has tons of it along with the potential to be a breakout artist in a world of fabricated rock if the labels did not have so much “artistic control”.