Queensyche, Marty Friedman, and Trauma – Pittsburgh, PA – 4/5/2023

Queensrÿche is on the road in support of their 2022 release Digital Noise Alliance with support from Marty Friedman and Trauma. The triple bill offers fans a variety of metal mayhem from soaring vocals to fancy fretwork to pounding double bass drums.

Trauma, the legendary Bay Area thrash band, opened the evening around 7:30 pm this past Wednesday at the Roxian Theater just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  The band originated in 1981 and is responsible for the much sought after classic album, Scratch and Scream in 1984.

They are perhaps best known for the mark made on the metal scene by original bassist Cliff Burton, who of course later joined Metallica. Now Trauma has resurfaced with new material and a new line-up, joining the US tour in support of their 2022 album Awakening which has spawned the cuts “From Here to Hell,” “Meat,” and “Death of the Angel,” which were highlighted in the band’s brief but powerful set list.

Trauma is fronted by vocalist Brian Allen (Vicious Rumors, Dark Sky Choir) who joined the fold following the untimely passing of Donny Hillier during the pandemic. Most recently, the band has hired guitarist Casey Trask (The Three Tremors, Cage, Monarch) to fill in for Joe Fraulob (Danzig, Deconstruct), who is unable to be a part of the tour due to personal reasons.  Casey joins bassist Michael Spencer (Flotsam & Jetsam, Sentinel Beast) in filling out Trauma’s touring line-up along with Allen, guitarist Steve Robello (Dublin Death Patrol), and long time Trauma drummer Kris Gustofson.

Former Megadeth and Cacophony guitarist Marty Friedman joins the tour in support of his latest album, Tokyo Jukebox 3.  The solo artist, a Tokyo resident and official Ambassador of Japanese heritage, is finally supporting the 2020 album here in the US following pandemic travel restrictions.

Friedman is currently joined by guitarist Naoki Morioka (as Jordan Ziff is keeping busy with his band Hot Crazy), bassist Wakazaemon, and drummer Chargeeeeee. The tour began soon after the guitarist’s noteworthy onstage reunion with Megadeth at Tokyo’s Budokan Arena. Fans in the ‘Burgh were also treated to that “Tornado of Souls” solo as well as cuts from his early solo career and new single “Kaze ga Fuiteiru.”

While it can at times be challenging to hold the attention of a crowd with an instrumental performance, Marty Friedman had no problems firing up the audience as they begged for more by shouting his name in response to his riveting solos.  As with the band’s last local performance at the Crafthouse Stage & Grill, we had an absolute blast capturing the action, including the many animated faces of drummer Chargeeeeee.

Always a pleasure to see Queensrÿche’s current line-up which includes Eddie Jackson on bass, Michael Wilton on guitar, Todd La Torre on vocals, Casey Grillo on drums, and Mike Stone on guitar.

Given the tour is specific to the support of their sixteenth studio album, Digital Noise AllianceQueensrÿche took a departure from your standard greatest hits show, which was a treat for die hard fans that are familiar with the deep cuts from the catalog like “Child of Fire” from The Warning and “Don’t Look Back” from their self-titled 1982 release.

They also hit the new album hard, including “Behind the Walls,” “In Extremis,” “Sicdeth” and “Forest” in between the crowd pleasers like Operation: Mindcrime’s “Spreading the Disease,” and the title track and “Jet City Woman” from Empire as they brought an epic end to a three-course feast for metal fans.

Queensrÿche 2023 Digital Noise Alliance Tour with Marty Friedman and Trauma continues tonight in Boston:

Apr. 7, 2023 – Boston, MA @ The Palladium
Apr. 8, 2023 – Huntington, NY @ The Paramount
Apr. 10, 2023 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
Apr. 11, 2023 – Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage
Apr. 12, 2023 – Charlotte, NC @ The Underground
Apr. 14, 2023 – Nashville, TN @ Brooklyn Bowl
Apr. 15, 2023 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (Heaven)
Apr. 16, 2023 – St. Petersberg, FL @ Jannus Live

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Recap and Live Photos by Editor and founder Kara Marie Uhrlen for The Pure Rock Shop.  Posted on 4/7/2023.