RATT – Warrendale, PA – December 17, 2019

Fronted by Stephen Pearcy with Juan Croucier on bass, Pete Holmes (Black N’ Blue) on drums and guitarists Jordan Ziff (Marty Friedman) and Chris Sanders (Knight Fury, Britny Fox) along for the ride, Ratt overloaded Jergel’s on Tuesday night. They kicked things off with “Wanted Man” from 1984’s Out of the Cellar highlighting favorites from the past few decades before closing out the night with “Round and Round” from the same debut release.

From soloing to choreographed moves, the talents of this line-up did not disappoint, and was definitely a strong departure from the Stephen Pearcy solo performance we’ve caught in recent years.  As with most bands with a thirty-some year history, there have been many line-up changes but there were no complaints from the sold-out crowd as the band delivered favorites like “Lovin’ You’s a Dirty Job”from Detonator and “Nobody Rides for Free” from the Point Break soundtrack.

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