Rob Halford – Live Insurrection

Rob Halford – Live Insurrection

Rob Halford’s latest CD, Live Insurrection, covers almost 30 years of the legendary singer’s career from Judas Priest, through Fight, skipping Two and finally Halford.  The quality of sound varies from track to track according to the liner notes due to the location of the recording, temperature, etc.

Resurrection opens disc 1 with all the fury of the same titled CD. Halford is backed by guitarist Patrick Lachman (an absolute beast on stage), guitarist Mike Chlasciak, drummer Bobby Jarzombek (ex Juggernaut and ex Riot) and bassist Ray Riendeau. Bruce Dickinson does a live duet version of The One You Love To Hate with Halford as one can only hope a CD featuring Dickinson, Halford and Geoff Tate of Queensryche does come to fruition.

3 songs are featured from the Fight era: Life In Black, Nailed To The Gun and the venomous Into The Pit. Light Comes Out Of Black from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie soundtrack is a welcome addition to the CD as the song is rather difficult to find. Also, from the Japanese version of Halford’s Resurrection CD come the tracks Sad Wings and Hell’s Last Survivor. Halford wisely chooses lesser known Judas Priest tracks such as Running Wild, Beyond The Realms Of Death and Genocide to include on the double CD in addition to Electric Eye and Breaking The Law.

The 3 studio tracks include a song of particular interest in “Heart Of A Lion”. The song was written by the members of Judas Priest and originally recorded by Racer X for their Second Heat CD from 1986. Halford’s fairly clean demo version is not as bombastic as the Racer X version, but I am sure the song will be a stormer live. Screaming In The Dark is a fully produced new studio track which is as aggressive as the title suggests. The midtempo track Prisoner Of Your Eyes closes the CD.

Overall, the vibe of the CD is comparable to such great live discs as Iron Maiden’s Live After Death and the Scorpions World Wide Live. Halford’s band is hungry and energetic in a live setting and the talent they possess translates quite well to disc. A definite buy.