Sage – In Vain

The latest 5 song CD EP “In Vain” by Sage finds the band once again exploring non-traditional heavy metal instrumentation and structures within their songs as they did on their previous release “Lightning Strikes”.

Tracey Sage has a diverse and dynamic voice that can take on many different styles and emotions within on song as displayed on “Graves”.  While it may be a stretch, she reminds me of a female version of John Arch in being able to be chameleon-like in her vocal style fron song to song.

“Backbone” is the most commercial track I have heard from the band.  Although it is bordering on a power speed metal track (like Gamma Ray or Stratovarius sans the keyboards) with intense guitars (courtesy of Mike Walsh) and delivery.  “Out Of Body” has progressive tinges mixed with a good dose of intensity.  Closing track “In Vain” has middle eastern flavored musical passages and shows the band’s ability to find a bridge between diversity and melody without sacrificing the overall metal feel of the music.  Once again, a very impressive effort.

Track Listing:

Manifest Destiny



Out Of Body

In Vain

Vocals: Tracey Sage

Guitars: Mike Walsh

Bass: Rob Thompson

Drums: Eric Ganci