Sex Museum – Fly By Night

Sex Museum - Fly By Night

Sex Museum’s 16-song 2-CD live release “Fly By Night” is a great introduction to the band for first time listeners.  Usually, I try to avoid live releases as much as possible, but between their choice of covers and own infectious songs, this release is very enjoyable.

Musically, Sex Museum recalls the heavier bands of the 70’s, especially Deep Purple with the use of the Hammond organ.  Personal favorites throughout the discs are “Minnesota Strip”, “Two Sisters”, “Street Fight” and “Speed King” (a Deep Purple cover).  The covers of AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie” and the Who’s “I’m Free” are fun romps over well worn classics that can be heard in many bars by the third set on a Saturday night.

This is a very cool release if you enjoyed any of the recent Monster Records releases and especially if you are hungry for younger bands taking a stab at the 70’s sound.  If the band had existed in the 70’s, they most likely would have been classic rock staples today.

Track Listing:
Disc: 1
1. Minnesota Strip
2. Two Sisters
3. Collectors
4. Red Ones
5. Let’s Go Out
6. Last Last
7. Get Lost
8. Where I Belong

Disc: 2
1. We Can Move
2. Landlords
3. Street Fight
4. Whole Lotta Rosie
5. Flyin’ High
6. Speedkings
7. Start to Move
8. I’m Free

Band Members:
Fernando Pardo – guitar and vocals
Miguel Pardo – vocals
Marta Ruiz – Hammond and Sequencer
Pablo Rodas – bass
Robby “Loza” Lozano – drums