Silver Mountain – Breakin’ Chains

Silver Mountain - Breakin' Chains

The last time I heard Sweden’s Silver Mountain would have been their “Shakin Brains” LP around 20 years ago.  That is why I wondered so much what this release would sound like since I had pretty much forgotten about this band.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised from the lead track “Prophet Of Doom” which sounds like it came off the debut Fifth Angel release.  The underlying keyboard on “Before The Storm” gives the track a certainly Deep Purple vibe to go along with some shredding guitar work.  The more you listen to “Breakin’ Chains”, the further back to about 1984 you feel like you are being drawn.  The sound is very full throughout the disc in terms of aura and presence as opposed to a clutter of notes as witnessed on “Felo De Se”.  “Maniac” comes across like “Ample Destruction” era Jag Panzer (circa 1984 of course).  The galloping guitars and satisfying keyboard fills enhance this track.

The title track “Breakin’ Chains” has an Iron Maiden meets Yngwie-era Alcatrazz sound.  “Rider Of The Night” once again has a Fifth Angel sound until the keyboard solo.  “A.S.W.A.S.T” sounds like the kind of song you could have heard on FM radio around 1981, quirky yet heavy.  “Dance Around The Fire” has a very heavy Deep Purple sound in regards to the keys.  Closing track “Millattack” is a relentless, high-speed, 3 minute instrumental shred-fest.

As you listen to this disc, you find yourself realizing how much of an influence Jonas Hansson and company have had over the years on other metal musicians.  This release a case of what comes around goes around…it a positive way.