Soul SirkUS – World Play

Soul SirkUS’ debut release “World Play” has already sold out 3 pressings (as of mid May 2005) for their label Frontiers Records.  Featuring Jeff Scott Soto, Neal Schon, Virgil Donati and Marco Mendoza, Soul SirkUS has over 100 years of musical experience between the 4 members and countless contributions to groups such as Thin Lizzy, Journey, Hardline. Bad English, Santana, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, Talisman, Takara, Eyes, Panther, Axel Rudi Pell, Rising Force, etc.

Lead single “Highest Ground” is typical classic hard rock of the parties involved;  Soto’s amazing melodic vocals, Schon’s tasty guitars, Donati’s rhythm and fills and Mendoza’s rock solid bass lines.  “New Position” has a Hardline swagger to it that shows that Soto can replace Johnny Gioeli too!  “Another World” sounds like something Kingdom Come would have come up with on their debut disc with hints of Blue Murder as well and of course Led Zeppelin.

The track that makes the entire album for myself is “Friends To Lovers”.  It is pure Soto bliss and would have fit in perfectly with his Takara material.  Melodic, catchy and possessing enough heaviness to satisfy a melodic metal fan.  “My Sanctuary” has a straight-ahead groove vibe to it, something that Soto often brings to the party.  “Coming Home” has Journey written all over it and it is as if Soto is doing his best Steve Perry impersonation.  Schon’s guitar on this song is so soulful you will just be amazed.

Neal Schon once again shows why he is consider such a heroic guitar talent.  His playing is so fluid and enjoyable that you almost take it for granted.  “World Party” will represent some of his finest material to date.  Considering his career achievements, that may be a strong statement to make, but the material is that powerful throughout the disc.  Whether the disc will see a proper release in the USA is unknown at this time, but “World Party” is probably too good for the same-minded labels in this country.