Spellbinder – Seal The Fate

“Seal The Fate” by Spellbinder is pure American power metal with that mid 1980’s feel to it and a basic, solid production that does not rely on any tricks to sweeten the sound in the wrong direction.

From the lead title track, Spellbinder takes you on a journey that leads you through influences along the lines of Mercyful Fate, early Savatage, early Queensryche and bands along the lines of Damien. “Sanctuary” follows along these lines with soaring vocals of the Tate variety courtesy of Mike Blair. Jim Springer shreds on his guitar as if he has never heard an artist ruin the instrument with tuning down. Springer certainly is a disciple of pure metal scene with his scorching leads, solos and riffs.

”Lonely Nights” (Piano Version) is a somber, but emotionally powerful ballad that works well within the context of the album. Once again Springer just plays some stunning guitar on the instrumental “Sea Of Aggression” which recalls the glory days of Mark Reale and Riot. If you remember their track “Narita” you will like the track as well.

”Queen Haunts The Castle” builds ever so slowly from a mellow laid back track into a traditional power metal classic. Helstar would be a great comparative on this track, especially in terms of Blair’s vocals. The CD closes out with an acoustic track titled “Trying To Survive” and an untitled instrumental.

From start to finish, “Seal The Fate” is a very appealing piece of vintage American metal sans modern pretenses. You can contact Spellbinder at the e-mail address below to purchase a copy of “Seal The Fate”.