Spiders And Snakes – Hollywood Ghosts

“Hollywood Ghosts” by Spiders & Snakes is a tough review for myself as my personal tastes have moved further and further away from the L.A. glitter rock / pop metal style.  That said, Spiders & Snakes probably has more in common with the likes of Cheap Trick, the Beatles, Joey C. Jones and the Gloryhounds, the Sweet and Starz than 80’s based strip metal outside of perhaps Enuff Znuff.

The songwriting of Timothy Jay and Lizzie Grey definitely have Beatles vibe going through songs such as “Freeway”.  “Siamese Twins” sounds like Ashes to Ashes meets the Sweet on the wrong end of Desolation Blvd.  “Angelyne” has Robin Zander’s sweat splattered all over it minus the body.  The song is pure Cheap Trick bliss and very different from the ode to the same Hollywood billboard “legend” than Shark Island’s song “Shake For Me”.

“The Girl Can’t Help It” has a groovy 60’s vibe and sounds like a cross between the Who and Cream with a dash of Mott The Hoople thrown in for good measure.  “Waiting For Me in L.A.” comes across as if there was a visit to the studio by Ziggy Stardust himself.  Closing track “Get Outta Here” is another song with a breezy 60’s feel.

“Hollywood Ghosts” took quite a while to grow on myself, hence the rather long delay between the release and this review.  At the end of the day, it is much easier and relaxing listen than most material we receive.  However, I do miss those “Wild Babes In Toyland”!

Track Listing:


American Baby


Spiders & Snakes


Siamese Twins

Bill’s Cigar

The Girl Can’t Help It


Just Me

Waiting For Me in LA

Get Outta Here