Spiritual Beggars – On Fire


Michael Amott is one busy man this year.  After his other band Arch Enemy triumphed throughout the world supporting “Wages Of Sin”, Amott returns with his 70’s flavored band Spiritual Beggars.  Personally, I have not been a fan of the band in the past, but there is something about JB’s vocals mixed with Amott’s playing that really clicked for me on this disc.

“On Fire” has the feeling of Deep Purple, COC, and Rainbow.   “Killing Time” is a pure classic rock track with a heavy, yet melodic vibe.  The guitar soloing on “Street Fighting Saviours” reminds me of Mark Reale from Riot.  The soulfulness of JB’s voice immediatley calls to mind Glenn Hughes especially “Fools Gold” and “Dance Of The Dragon King”.  Per Wiberg nails the Hammnond Organ keyboards to perfection throughout.

In comparison to most CD’s that some out of Sweden, Spiritual Beggars have cornered the market on combining the strengths of 70’s rock with the good parts of modern underground metal.  There is nary a Gothenburg or melodic speed metal styling to be found on this CD.  A most refreshing disc from an incredibly talented band.