Star One – Space Metal

Star One - Space Metal

Well-known for his Ayreon CD’s, Arjen Lucassen has recruited a virtual who’s who of upper-tier European and American progressive metal musicians.  “Space Metal” is an appropriate title for this CD by Star One which draws influences from members of Symphony X, Stratovarius, After Forever and many others including Erik Norlander (Lana Lane).  This CD requires an end to end listen as breaking it down into individual tracks does it no justice.  Think of the heavy Hammond B3 organ sound of Deep Purple, layered over straight ahead (yet complex) songs in the power progressive genre.

While it has a definite 70’s feel of Hawkwind (and features a guest appearance by Dave Brock on vocals during a Hawkwind medley of the bonus disc which did not come with the promotional version) and lyrically the extremely obscure Paul Kantner’s Planet Earth Rock And Roll Orchestra album (of Jefferson Starship fame), the heavy ended drums scream power metal.  You may think Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom” and Planet P’s “Why Me” on first glance but this is an excellent metal CD throughout.