Strikelight – Strikelight


If you love NWOBHM bands, Strikelight out of Greece is a band you need to hear.  Comparisons to Tokyo Blade and Iron Maiden are not hype, they are most accurate.  “Strikelight” was mastered by Jim Liapakis (Valley’s Eve, Mystic Prophecy).

A true testament to the legacy of bands such as Warlord, Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, and Tokyo Blade is the the fact that they are all cited as major influences.  The most notable influence to me is early Tokyo Blade.  Fans of “Night Of The Blade” will love the high vocals and classic metal guitar riffs.  The galloping Steve Harris bass lines run through the disc as well.  The title cut recalls “Be Quick Or Be Dead” in parts.  My personal favorite track was “Streets of Glory” with slow building beginning into a relentless headbanging track.

These kinds of releases will always please folks like myself who hate trends and flavor of the weak bands.  True metal comes from the heart sans any gimmicks, just straight ahead loud guitars, confident vocals, and a supportive back end.  Strikelight possess these qualities in spades.