Substitutes – Exploding Plastic Inevitable

The Substitutes CD arrived several months back and I downloaded a few tracks onto my iPod and thought nothing of it.  After a couple of days, I noticed that each time I heard a track by this band, I was looking to see who was playing.

The lead track “Taken A Lifetime” is brash, infectious and possesses a sound that mixes a 70’s vibe with 80’s street sleaze.  Vocally, Britt reminds me of Gary Jefferies from Asphalt Ballet.   “In The City” is pure “Draw The Line” era Aerosmith.  Rarely do bands these days possess that confident, almost cocky aura that I believe to be a missing ingredient in so many groups.

Along with the Golden Gods, the Substitutes are bringing back the good parts of 70’s based hard rock with an updated production and attitude.

Track Listing:
Taken a Lifetime
First Thing I Want
In The City
Down on my Lady
Ten Times as Heavy
God is Cocaine
Wrong Side of the Whip
Hardcore California