Tad Morose – Undead


Tad Morose’s previous releases for some reason have left me rather cold.  The band’s latest release “Undead” is a most welcome surprise as Tad Morose have composed a full CD of that is capable of holding ones attention through the whole disc.

“Servant Of The Bones” and “Where The Sun Never Shines” are power songs that are memorable and most importantly, still interesting after multiple spins.  ”No Tears In The Rain” has a Dokken meets Mike Howe era Metal Church feel to it.  The mid-tempoed “Order Of The Seven Poles” includes several time changes while weaving a pattern of intricate beauty.  Recalling Metal Blade 80’s era, the relentless blast of “Lord On High” has a Mike Vescera / Obsession feel as does “Corporate Masters”.  Closing track “The Dead and His Son” has a very strong Ronnie James Dio influence harkening back to his Black Sabbath days.

Most other reviews of this CD I have read have pretty been the same in terms of opinions on this release.  Tad Morose has stepped up their songwriting ability and created a disc worthy of praise in the power metal community.