The Dogma – Symphonies Of Love And Hate

The Dogma – Symphonies Of Love And Hate

Italy’s symphonic power metal group The Dogma is one of the best releases we have ever received from Europe.  Even more impressive is the fact that their CD, “Symphonies Of Love And Hate”, is a self-financed release.

Daniele Santori’s high-pitched vocals register in the Tony Harnell (TNT) range.  His God-given vocal ability is something to behold especially on “Paradise”.  Daniele does not scream throughout the entire CD.  The mid-paced “Breaking My Heart” allows him to display his impressive vocal range.

Stefano Smeriglio’s progressive metal influenced keyboards add a layer of insanity to the frantic pace of the songs.

Cosimo Binetti’s guitar work throughout this release is to be commended.  Considering the vocal heroics of Daniele to go along with the relentless approach of the songs, Cosimo is able to lay down guitar riffs that not only standout out but enhance the overall quality of the compositions throughout.  His fretwork on “Breaking My Heart” is outstanding and more importantly, distinct from many others within this genre.

If you are a fan of the rather twisted elements of “Rage For Order” Queensryche, this 7 song release by The Dogma is definitely worth investigating.  As long as this lineup stays intact, I see The Dogma making a definite mark in the European and American underground metal scene.