The Golden Gods – The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll

The Golden Gods - The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll

Upon first look at the packaging and the first listen to “The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll” by The Golden Gods, the thought came to my mind of “Rock Stars”. These guys have the image, marketing and most importantly the music nailed.  Combining the best elements of Humble Pie, Foghat, Grand Funk, the Black Crowes, and a variety of other 70’s bands, The Golden Gods have struck gold with “The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll”. The CD contains a confident swagger that just drips with sweat and emotion throughout the disc. Most of the tracks on the disc could easily have been classic rock staples if they had been recorded in the 1970’s with the crisp production quality available today without sanitizing the songs.

From the lead song “Even I Don’t Know” (with its rousing chorus), the listener is on a good time trip through rockin’ and groovin’ songs.  “Dynamite Lady” is pure bliss with a tambourine and another killer chorus.  Lead singer Simon Scott sounds rather similar to Mr. Big’s Eric Martin and at times to Mark Free from his Unruly Child days.  “Rock And Roll Salvation Pt. 2” has that Black Crowes aura to it while ”Stone Fox” is Foghat’s “Slow Ride” reincarnated.

Closing track “I Feel the Earth Move” features female backing singers and ends the good time vibe of the overall CD on an excellent note.  In all, there are 11 tracks and not one dud in the bunch.  Totally killer, discs like these make all the clunkers we receive sound even worse.  The Golden Gods offer an example template on what rock and roll should be.