Thunderblast – Warzone

Colombia has unleashed a Teutonic blast of power metal in the name of Thunderblast and their stunning debut release “Warzone”.  From the lead full track “Cyber Titan”, it is immediately evident that Thunderblast has thrusted themselves into the upper echelon of power metal bands alongside the likes of Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, Jag Panzer and Lost Horizon (who they draw comparison to me the most).

“Ignition” sounds like the long lost child of Riot meeting Avenger at 22 Acacia Avenue.  “Annihilator” has relentless attack to it that to some extent calls to mind Judas Priest and Lost Horizon as does the similarly brutal “Army of One”.

Vocalist Felipe Franco has a firm grasp on the English vocals and has style reminiscent of nobody in particular but closest to Daniel Heiman of Lost Horizon.  Guitarist German “War” Guerra seems to take great pleasure in being influenced by the Tipton / Downing combo as well as perhaps Kai Hansen and some NWOBHM bands.  “Firebinder” has an apparent NWOBHM influence merged with its faster pace.  The Hansen comparative shines through on “Rampage” which has a certain amount of older Helloween running through its veins.

The final 3 tracks are solid as well starting with “Alliance to Vindicate”.  “Turbo” is not a Judas Priest cover and is a power metal stormer.  Closing track “Devastators” finish off the album with a Judas Priest styled sound.

12 killer tracks makes for a mighty excellent debut.  While originality may be lacking, Thunderblast more than makes up for it in power and one excellent sounding disc which is one of the best releases we have received for review in 2005.

Track Listing:

1. Prime destruction (intro)

2. Cyber Titan

3. Ignition

4. Annihilator

5. Army of One

6. Spirit of Vengeance

7. Warzone

8. Firebinder

9. Rampage

10. Alliance to Vindicate

11. Turbo

12. Devastators