Tierra Santa – Indomable

Tierra Santa – Indomable

Tierra Santa’s “Indomable” has been a welcome friend over the last several weeks.  While the saying goes “music is the universal language” (besides $$$) it certainly transcends language barriers in this case.

This is the band’s 5th CD and first that I am familiar with.  The lead track “Alas De Fuego” has hints of Iron Maiden throughout.  “Indomable” (the title track”) has an underlying, relentless beat and tempo that recalls Riot’s “Privilege Of Power” masterpiece.

“Quién Llora Hoy Por Tí” is a slow building track in the vein of Ronnie James Dio’s “Holy Diver”.  “Hamlet” picks up the pace and would also fit in on a Dio release.   The melodic metal track “El Canto De Las Sirenas” would work well as a single with its big chorus.  “El Corazón Del Guerrero” is a power ballad of sorts that features some excellent guitar fills and solos that recall “Operation: Mindcrime” era Queensryche.

The meatier tracks such as “Las Walkirias” and “Las Puertas Del Infierno” accentuate the fact that Tierra Santa can mix heavy with melody as well as any of their English-Singing peers.

Considering the fact that Tierra Santa have a huge following in their native Spain and do play concerts throughout Europe, it will only be a matter of time before they are are participating in the bigger festivals during the summer.  Musically, they have the chops to compete with many of the heavyweights in the metal scene.