Musically, Towersound has a sound that recalls nobody in particular.  The songs are deliberate, well composed with intricate and thoughtful guitar parts and distinct vocals.  Towersound is a band with heavier leanings towards epic power metal.  After five listens, I honestly cannot compare them to anyone!  Vocalist Jean-Christophe has a raspy voice that, as a huge reach, compares very slightly to Blaze Bayley.

The tracks that stand out overall on the disc would have to be the epics “Final March, Last March” (parts 1 and 2 which have a bit of a Trans-Siberian Orchestra / Savatage feel) and “Enchanted Alloy”.  Overall, a very tough disc to review since comparisons are unavailable to assist me but a really good debut disc for those looking for something that stands on its own musically and vocally.