Unruly Child – UCIII

Typically, press releases for most discs blow so much smoke that leave you wondering what the hell the publicist was smoking. “UCIII” by Unruly Child however nails the description of new lead vocalist Philip Bardowell (Magdalen) on the head. His voice sounds like a cross between Mark/Marcie Free and Lou Gramm. Thus, fans of Unruly Child who may have missed the release with Hurricane’s Kelly Hansen on vocals may think that Mark/Marcie was still out front of the band.

Lead track “Tear Me Down” is a classic Unruly Child track built on the guitars of Bruce Gowdy and vocals of Bardowell complimented by Guy Allison’s keyboards. “Falling” starts out sounding like a Lou Gramm solo track before falling into more familiar UC territory. The ballad “Bring Me Home” features beautiful vocal harmonizing Allison’s keyboards give the song somewhat of a 70’s soulful feel. “Shades Of Love” is another mellower track that once again is a showcase for the vocal talents of Bardowell as is closing track “Something”. “Unruly Child” is gritty rocker in the mode of Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded”.

UCIII features a diverse package of rockers and ballads that should satisfy any AOR lovers appetite. Nowhere on this disc are their any modern rock influences, just pure melodic hard rock.

1: Tear Me Down
2: Falling
3: All Around Me
4: Bring Me Home
5: Sleeping Town
6: You See Three
7: Kings of Tragedy
8: Vertigo
9: Shades of Love
10: Unruly Child
11: Something