Vader – Blood / Reign Forever World

Vader – Blood : Reign Forever World

Poland’s Vader formed in 1986 and were the first Eastern Bloc death metal band to sign with a western label (Earache) in 1990.  Today, Vader is considered one of the pioneers of the death metal movement and are well-respected for their contributions.  “Blood / Reign Forever World” is a 2 CD EP set combined onto one CD.  Previously, “Blood / Reign Forever World” was only available as separate import discs.

From the “Blood” EP, the stand out tracks are the short, but aggressive “Son Of Fire” and the lead track “Shape Shifting”.

The CD contains some rather interesting bits and pieces and thus does not fall into the category of a cohesive album.  Nonetheless, Vader does a fine job on the covers front, putting an evil more brutal spin on Destruction’s “Total Disaster”.  One would have a pretty difficult time figuring out “Rapid Fire” is a rather obscure Judas Priest cover and “Freezing Moon” is an ode to Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem.

The live songs break up the flow some more with “Creatures of Light and Darkness” and “Carnal” being recorded live in the summer of 2000 in Poland at the “Thrash ‘Em All Festival”.

Completionists will enjoy this set as it brings together various fragments of Vader’s career.  Their next full-length studio release is set for Spring 2004.