Valley’s Eve – Deception Of Pain

Valley's Eve - Deception Of Pain

According to the Valley’s Eves’ press release “’Deception of Pain’ is a concept album comprising of 12 chapters (songs) and dealing with the manifold phenomena of suicide.  The basis of the album is a book written by an American psychiatrist who had spoken to failed suicides”, singer Roberto Liapakis explains. “The thing that connects all these failed suicide attempts is that all the subjects spoke of an inexplicable pain immediately before the attempt. Hence the title, Deception of Pain.”  Very deep and disturbing subject matter indeed.  While Valley’s Eve is exploring a topic often visited by Sentenced, the bands are slightly different.  While Sentenced seems to almost revel in the topic as a result of the darkness often associated with northern Finland, Valley’s Eve examines the subject from a different perspective.

At times, Valley’s Eve reminds me of a power metal version of Fates Warning, strong musicianship mixed with a variety of time changes and moods.  Yet, the feeling of a German power metal band with hints of Accept (especially on “Falling”) still is prevalent.  The stellar track of the CD is “Dark Room”, which is a somber, power metal ballad crossed with Pink Floyd.  “Open The Gates” continues on in the power metal vein.  Lead track “The Fire Burns” is an aggressive opener almost in the style of Meliah Rage.  “The Sun” is one of the most depressing tracks I have heard in a long time.  “Dark Shadows On The Wall” clocks in at almost 7:30 minutes and could have easily fit in on a Stratovarius CD.

A word warning, “Deception Of Pain” takes many listens and a rainy day before it becomes a truly appreciable disc.  If you do not have the patience for multiple listens, this disc may leave you cold.