Vis Vires – Inside The Hate

Rarely do we receive material that stands out above and beyond the sea of releases we review. Vis Vires however is a rare exception, even more surprising in the fact that they are based out of the Atlanta/Norocross Georgia area. They are an American band with decidedly a non-American sound. Reaching for a comparison, they sound like a cross between the power metal of Lost Horizon (vocally and musically), Iron Maiden and the occasional Gothenburg shrieks on the backing vocals.

”Like A Ghost” sounds very European tracing influences such as Iron Maiden and perhaps mid-period In Flames, more so, however, in the realm of traditional metal. “The Bleeding Tree” again crosses a British band (Lost Horizon) with a bit of the Gothenburg style. “Your Hands” even opens with blast beats and then evolves more into a power metal song.  Somehow, Vis Vires has found the formula for mixing traditional metal with a hint of modern metal and making it sound rather unique and refreshing without selling their sound strictly to a modern style.  The track “We Are The Shadows” slowly evolves from a mellower track into a punishing speed metal romp which continues its relentless pace into “Flesh Invaded”. This track calls to mind “Privilege Of Power” era Riot in some ways. The Helloween / Gamma Ray / Iron Savior tinged “In Memory” is the first track that really finds Vis Vires straying a bit away from their own unique sound, yet it is still one powerful and entertaining song. Closing track, the 10 minute “Inside The Hate” mixes all of their previously mentioned influences and styling into one epic track.

I would be curious to see Vis Vires in a live setting and see how they pull off the vocal acrobatics all the while playing a very intense brand of power metal. Vis Vires has delivered a most promising debut that should stir up some label attention.