Wave – See-through Hearsay

Wave - See-through Hearsay

Based out of Helsinki Finland where they formed in 1999, Wave has recently released a 2 track CDr demo which should definitely be of interest to fans of Theatre Of Tragedy, Lullacry and late 90’s era Gathering.  “See-through Hearsay” is an ambient CD EP that features intricate instrumentation, gothic metal overtones and the rich vocals of Mira.  Vocally, Mira possesses a much deeper voice than the songbirds of the previously mentioned bands, which makes these 2 tracks stand out even more.  “Big Bang and Black Holes” is a quirky, gothic rocker while the lead title cut is more somber yet soothing in a very strange way.

While it is tough to rate Wave on only 2 tracks, I would like to hear more with a bigger production and perhaps a second guitarist.  Wave has a good sound as it is but a fuller sound would only entice label interest even more.