Zanister – Fear No Man


Progressive power metal bands are growing by the dozen, but on occasion one band will find the talent and originality to stand apart from the rest.

Zanister is without a doubt one of those bands.  With their sophomore effort guitarists Michael Harris and power metal legend David T. Chastain (Spike, Chastain, CJSS) hold true to their band’s name, which means “Sophisticated Intensity.”  They are joined by vocalist Brian Sarvela formerly of The Reign of Terror, Brian Harris on drums, and James Martin on bass.

With a wail that reflects the power-ballads of the early nineties “Generation Breakdown” seems to turn back time, but other songs like “Egyptian Nights” and “Hell on Earth,” show a clearer version of the metal influence behind the band and will remind fans of bands like Savatage, Queensryche, and Dream Theater without mimicking them.