With a career that emerged from the explosion of heavy metal during the early 1980s, Doro Pesch has been tireless in her devotion to the metal cause for four decades. In 2023, she celebrates the past 40 years with two special anniversary shows and a brand-new studio album courtesy of Nuclear Blast.

DORO’s career officially ignited in 1983, with the recording of Burning The Witches, the debut album by WARLOCK. Still in her teens, DORO was immediately acknowledged for her powerhouse voice and endless charisma. And, as she tells in despite the ups and downs of her career, all of her dreams came true.

Her big breakthrough came in August 1986, when WARLOCK performed at the Monsters Of Rock festival at Castle Donington along with Scorpions, MOTÖRHEAD, Def Leppard and Ozzy Osbourne. DORO was the first woman to perform on the Monsters Of Rock stage, and as such, she sealed her iconic status, and has never looked back.  Moreover, she has no intention of hitting the breaks now.  In fact, she tells us that she’s feeling better than ever as she’s learned to take better care of herself.

The appropriately titled Conqueress – Forever Strong and Proud will be released later this month in celebration of DORO’s 40-year reign as the “Metal Queen.”

Kara, The Pure Rock Shop founder and editor, sat down with DORO today for a relaxed discussion about what the front woman has planned for fans in celebration of this grand achievement. Sit back and watch as DORO talks about the upcoming performance in her original hometown in Germany, shares a few of the treats inside the commemorative box set, offers her thoughts on a couple upcoming video releases, and highlights special memories from the past several decades.  As an added bonus, DORO even offered some insights around lessons learned early in her career and advice for those just getting started in the industry.

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Interview and Live Photos by Editor and founder Kara Marie Uhrlen for The Pure Rock Shop.  Posted on 10/10/2023.